Pine Pollen


Check it out. Pine Pollen is recommended by Tim Ferris in his new book The 4-Hour Chef.

Pine Pollen may be one of the most potent and powerful herbs or foods available today. It is the male spore of the pine tree and has been used for thousands of years.

pine-pollen-bag pine-pollen-megadose-can pine-pollen-tincture
Pine Pollen
50 Gram Bag
$29.95 – $16.95
Pine Pollen Megadose
250 Grams
$99.95 – $69.95
Pine Pollen Tincture
2 fl. oz. $34.95$27.95

Warning International Customers

We’ve ran into problems with shipments of over 400 grams, like two Megadose, in several foreign countries, most notably Canada and Australia. They’re denying entry and even destroying shipments. For best results for your order to get through please order less than this amount.
Pine Pollen Powder

There are 115 species of pine, but only a select few are used for their amazing pine pollen benefits. Our pine pollen is collected from the Masson pine (aka Chinese oil pine) from the mountainous regions at an altitude of 500-800 meters.

The Pine Pollen Benefits

pine pollenAs you’ll read below, pine pollen is a nutritional powerhouse. With everything in it combined you may find some of these incredible benefits. According to Chinese medicine, pine pollen enters through the five major meridians including the lungs, kidneys, spleen, heart and liver.

  • Hormonal Support
  • Strengthens the Immune System
  • Great Brain Food
  • Balances Androgenic and Estrogenic Hormones
  • Supports and Detoxifies the Liver
  • Great for the Skin and Hair
  • Protects the Cardiovascular System
  • May Reduce Cholesterol
  • Regulates Weight by Supporting the Metabolism
  • Increases Energy and Vitality
  • Aphrodisiac
  • Increases Glutathione (the Body’s Master Antioxidant)
  • Optimizes Breast Health in Women and Prostate Health in Men
  • Improves Endurance
  • Supports a Healthy Sex Life
  • May Reduce Pain
  • Helps with a Hangover
  • Helps Arthritis
  • Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory
  • Decreases DNA Mutation

Pine Pollen is Great for Women Too

In China, where pine pollen has been used for thousands of years, it is considered one of the beauty tonics for women. Yes, it can be used on your skin. Several of its compounds support both elastin and collagen. And taken internally, with its wide variety of minerals, vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants and more it’ll help support your health.

Many women get scared off when they see the word “testosterone”, not realizing that they too need this hormone, just in a lesser amount than men. Taking pine pollen, especially in powdered form, will not make you wake up with a mustache, deepen your voice, or sprout huge muscles.

The tinctured form, which concentrates and makes the phyto-androgens more bioavailability, is generally not recommended for women. That being said we have reports from a couple ladies, especially in post-menopausal years, that get great benefits from this.

Cell Wall Broken Pine Pollen

Like chorella, pine pollen has a hard shell on it. If this is not broken then the nutrition that is found in pine pollen will not be readily available to your body.

Our pine pollen is processed through a low temperature and high speed airflow sporoderm-breaking technology, leaving 99% of the pine pollen with the cell walls broken, with sizes of around 1 to 2 micrograms and thus available to your body.

Pine pollen has over 200 bioactive vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and other super nutrients in every single serving. It is a wild-harvested super food with no added chemicals or preservatives.pine-pollen-powder

Pine Pollen Testosterone and a Rare Source of Phyto-Androgens

These can help combat all those phyto and xeno-estrogens are our environment is full of these days, from drinking water, pesticides, plastics and more. This includes:

  • Androstenedione
  • Testosterone
  • DHEA
  • Androsterone

This is not a steroid and you won’t have any side effects of those drugs. Instead with all the natural co-factors and the small amounts these will work with your body for adaptogenic effects. These are provided through novel plant compounds like Gibberellins and Brassinosteroids, which bind to testosterone receptors sites, regulate prostate health, have anti-inflammatory, liver detoxifying actions and much more.

For more of the anabolic effects, you’ll want to get the Pine Pollen Tincture. This is best for bodybuilding with pine pollen.

Morning Wood…

For men, take a three tablespoon dose of pine pollen mixed in 8 oz. of water before going to bed. If you don’t wake up with “morning wood” you can send back the unused portion of your pine pollen for a full refund.

But when you do wake up “erect” feel free to leave a review of our pine pollen below. 😉

Nocturnal Penile Tumescense, as the scientists call it, is a natural process that occurs for healthy men. When your hormones are working right this should be a daily occurrence.

When on pine pollen one man said he had to “piss in the bathtub” each morning. As for how this translates to sexual function, I’ll leave that up to your imagination.

Note that this is a bigger dose than normally recommended, but it helps to ensure you “feel” the effects. Experiment to find the right dose of pine pollen for you so that this occurs every day and be sure to check out the details on our Megadose Pine Pollen below.

The same effects can also be achieved with the pine pollen tincture.

This doesn’t work for everyone. It does for many. For others you’ll just gain other pine pollen benefits.

Each of the following listed amounts is per 3 gram serving, which is approximately 1 tablespoon.

Pine Pollen contains 18 Amino Acids

It is a complete protein source as it contains seven of the essential amino acids (they are bolded below). In fact, pine pollen is about 30% protein.

  • Pine PollenAlanine 17mg
  • Arginine 30mg
  • Aspartic acid 33mg
  • Cysteine 3mg
  • Glutamic acid 47mg
  • Glycin 21mg
  • Histidine 6mg
  • Isoleucine 16mg
  • Leucine 25mg
  • Lysine 24mg
  • Phenylalanie 17mg
  • Proline 26mg
  • Serine 16mg
  • Threonine 15mg
  • Tryptophan 4mg
  • Tyrosine 11mg
  • Valine 19mg

Pine Pollen is Full of Vitamins

  • Vitamin A 1.3ug
  • B1 (Thiamin) 182ug
  • B2 (Riboflavin) 15ug
  • B3 (Niacin) 427ug
  • B6 (Pyridoxine) 39ug
  • B9 (Folic Acid) 28ug
  • Vitamin C 1686ug
  • Vitamin E 97ug
  • Vitamin D .7ug
  • Beta Carotene .8ug

Pine Pollen is Full of Minerals

Each item is per gram of pine pollen.

  • Potassium 11.3mg
  • Calcium .8mg
  • Magnesium 1.1mg
  • Phosphorus 29.8mg
  • Iron 0.03mg
  • Zinc 0.03mg
  • Selenium 0.2ug
  • Manganese 0.1mg
  • And many more trace elements

Pine Pollen also has Much More

  • pine pollen sheddingOleic acid
  • Alpha Linolenic Acid
  • Lignans
  • MSM
  • Fiber
  • Enzymes
  • Coenzymes
  • Flavonoids
  • Monosaccharides
  • Polysaccharides
  • Nucleic Acid
  • Superoxide Dismutase (SOD)
  • Inositol
  • Polyphenols
  • Quercitin
  • Rutin
  • Phytosterols
  • Proanthocyanidins
  • Resveratrol

The Pine Pollen is collected from the mountainous regions of China, from pristine and unpolluted locations. The pollen is wild harvested then processed at very low temperatures to crack the cell wall of the pollen, producing a superior product that is over 99% digestible. The date on the package is a packaging date, not expiration. No need for refrigeration. Store in a cool, dry place and pine pollen will stay potent for up to a year once opened.

Our pine pollen is packaged and shipped in 50 gram bags full of pine pollen powder. You can order multiple bags by increasing the quantity in your shopping cart.

The recommended dosage is 1/2 to 1 teaspoon, 2x daily.

There are roughly 25-30 teaspoons per 50 gram bag.

pine-pollen-bagPine Pollen – 50 Gram Bag
$29.95 – $16.95

Mega Dose Pine Pollen

We also now have available a 250 gram container. This was created for mega-dosing with pine pollen as described on this page. In China, pine pollen is usually taken a doses of 5-10 grams per day for all the nutrition and healthful benefits it provides.

At a dose of 10 grams a day (approximately 3 tablespoons) this supply will last 25 days. At five grams a day it would last 50 days. Of course, you can also order it as a stockpile with regular dosing, as its like buying four bags and getting one free.

There are approximately 83 tablespoons per 250 gram container.


Pine Pollen Megadose – 250 Grams
$99.95 – $69.95

NEW: Pine Pollen Tincture Extract

Pine pollen tincture benefits are slightly different from the powder. In a tincture form pine pollen’s phyto-androgens like testosterone and DHEA and more bioavailable to the human body. The alcohol has drawn them out and can deliver them straight into your bloodstream, whereas with the powder, most do not make it through the digestive tract.

Because this is more powerful hormonally pine pollen tinctures are generally only recommended for men over 30 years of age.

The 2 oz. tincture contains 60 servings of 30 drops (or a full dropper). The recommended pine pollen tincture dosage is 1/2 to 1 dropperful twice daily.

This is only made with the highest quality ingredients including our water and alcohol.

2:1 Pinus Massoniana Tincture in 25% Organic Grape Alcohol and 75% Mountain Spring Water.


Pine Pollen Tincture – 2 fl. oz
$39.95 – $27.95


There are no negative side effects from pine pollen for most people, just lots of beneficial ones. A low percentage of people are allergic to pine pollen and will have a response if it is consumed. If this occurs in you please stop using pine pollen.

Taken in a powdered form it is safe for everyone, even children. The androgenic compounds are not readily absorbed in the GI tract, but those along with all the micronutrients help optimize your own production and regulation of hormones within your body. In a tinctured form the phyto-androgens are much more available. It is generally only recommended that men over 30 or 40 should take this.

Pine Pollen Wiki or FAQ

How should I take pine pollen?

There are several different methods.

  • Some people just put the powder into their mouth and then swallow it.
  • Mix into water
  • Mix into any liquid or a smoothie
  • Sprinkle it on top of a salad or other foods

When should I take pine pollen?

Anytime. Some people like to take it along with natural testosterone production like in the morning and after workouts. It is also great to take before workouts and at night time before bed. For best results take pine pollen 2-3 different times per day instead of all at once.

Should pine pollen be taken with a meal or on an empty stomach?

Both work. Pine pollen is a whole food itself so it can mix with other foods, or it can be taken solo.

Can I take pine pollen with tea or coffee?

Yes you can. The one thing I would avoid is boiling or really hot water. These can damage some of the more delicate components of pine pollen. For best results wait for your beverages to cool (to the point where it wouldn’t burn you) before mixing in pine pollen.

Is your pine pollen organic?

No it is not certified organic as that is an expensive and difficult process. But truthfully this isn’t that important because our pine pollen supplies come from pristine areas, and no one is in the habit of spraying chemicals onto pine trees.

Is RAW pine pollen important?

Yes it is. Like many foods certain components in pine pollen are damaged by heat (while others are okay with heat). Our pine pollen is processed at low temperatures to help preserve these components.

The “morning wood” thing isn’t working for me, what should I do?

Please try at least a few days in a row. You could even try a higher dose. Due the complex nature of the human body we can’t guarantee it will work for everyone. You may need something different than what is available in pine pollen. For some people it doesn’t help with this effect but does bring many other positive benefits. Of course if you’d like to send back the unused portion of the pine pollen and let us know we’re happy to refund your money.

Is pine pollen safe to take for women and children?

Yes. Pine pollen is really more of a food than a medicine or drug. It is safe for anyone to consume in powdered form (except for those who have pine pollen allergies). We would only recommend the tinctures to men over 30 years of age though.

Is pine pollen good for bodybuilding?

Considering that optimal hormone levels are necessary to gain muscle and lose fat, pine pollen can certainly help. If you’re looking for more of a boost, the tincture may be the best bet.

Could I be allergic to pine pollen?

Unfortunately, a small percentage of people have a pine pollen allergy. This is not a dangerous allergy, like peanuts for some, but can cause discomfort. When you get pine pollen it is best to take a small dose, like 1/4 teaspoon, and wait a few hours. If you have any common symptoms of allergic reactions it may not be the best herbal supplement for you. Some people have reported that while they have a pine pollen allergy to the powder, in a tincture form they do fine.

Tinctured Pine Pollen Questions

Pine pollen has more of an androgenic effect in a tincture. This is great for older men seeking to help restore proper youthful levels.

Can I make my own tinctures?

Yes! Please watch this video for how to make a pine pollen tincture.

My tincture looks different than the one you sell, why is that?

The one we sell is made slightly differently than standard tincture methods as covered in the above video. It is extracted in pure alcohol then the water is mixed in later which creates an emulsion which naturally causes diffuse reflection to light. They both work the same in our experience.

How do I take a tincture?

Take a dropper full and squirt under your tongue. Hold there for 30 seconds before swallowing. This allows the nutrients (including androgens) to absorb directly into your blood stream.

What is the proper dose of a tincture?

I would recommend you start with a small amount (like a half or full dropper) and increase over time to find what works for you. As with pine pollen powder this is best to spread throughout the day rather than take all at once.

Should I cycle the tincture? Will being on the tincture stop my own hormone production?

When you’re dealing with hormones it is almost always a good idea to change things up so cycling off and on will be helpful. Or just taking some at random times. I recall David Wolfe saying with hormones its like a game of musical chairs and thus your supplementation should be more random than regular when working with things that effect your hormones. Also remember that pine pollen, even in tinctured form, is natural and contains co-factors or the biological package that helps your body use it properly, unlike isolated forms of direct testosterone.

Do the hormones aromatize into estrogens?

This is a possibility. Additional herbs like nettle root or passionflower can help to limit aromatization.

I’m sensitive to alcohol but still want the benefits of this tincture. What can I do?

While getting the tincture straight into your blood stream is best an alternative is to squirt the tincture into hot liquid like tea. Since alcohol evaporates at a lower temperature than water, the alcohol will steam off, leaving behind the nutrients it was carrying.

Can tinctures be made with anything besides alcohol?

Alcohol is a powerful solvent which is why its used. It pulls out fat soluble components. In this case it helps make the androgens more readily absorbable. Water alone will pull out some nutrition. Vinegar is another option.

pine-pollen-bag pine-pollen-megadose-can pine-pollen-tincture
Pine Pollen
50 Gram Bag

$29.95 – $16.95
Pine Pollen Megadose
250 Grams
$99.95 – $69.95
Pine Pollen Tincture
2 fl. oz.

$34.95 – $27.95

Warning International Customers

We’ve ran into problems with shipments of over 400 grams, like two Megadose, in several foreign countries, most notably Canada and Australia. They’re denying entry and even destroying shipments. For best results for your order to get through please order less than this amount.

Check out these articles and videos for additional information:

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Product of China


* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

** We test all products on ourselves to verify the claims made by supplier’s and are in the process of getting them independently lab tested to verify contents. These products are not certified organic but would likely pass that inspection if it was paid for. GMO-Free.

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 83 reviews
by Elijah on Pine Pollen

This is the good stuff. I got the megadose and still have some left, but am wanting to buy another megadose, when they get it in. I have tried and used 6-10 different brands of pine pollen and/or pine pollen tincture. I now regularly get my pine pollen from superman herbs. The megadose is the best deal for me, then I just use everclear and make my pown tinctures. Thanks Superman Herbs for this awesome pine pollen! THis stuff will give you wood for sure and energy and staminia. Trickies part is figuring out how much you need, but I was consuming about 3 times as much as they recommend with excellent results! The only bad thing is once you run out of this stuff, your body sadly suddenly suffers, so its as if once your body gets a taste of this premium product, it needs it for top energy, power and staminia.

by clayton kraemer on Pine Pollen
pine pollen tentrus

I am 59 years old after about a week of taking the pine pollen I stand at attention again and wife is very pleased thanks a lot superman herbs

by John Newsome on Pine Pollen
effects a minimal dosage

While I haven't seen the improvements in energy and vitality, that is probably due to only getting 4-5 hours of sleep. But, I have seen an improvement in sexual functions, not going into details though. I'm a Type 2 diabetic and have been suffering in that area, so this is great. I plan to get the Phoenix Formula and another bag of Pine Pollen to increase my dosage to see if "things" improve even more. Give it a try if you are having bedroom troubles, at $16.95 you can't lose.

by Jack on Pine Pollen
Pine Pollen Question

Can I take Shilajit, Ashwagandha and Pine Pollen & Tongkat-Ali together. I mean is there any side effect if I take all of them together for 3 months.At present I take Shilajit & Ashwagandha 2 table each every morning.I take shilajit with warm milk as soon I get up and Ashwagandha after breakfast with cold milk or water.Please advise

Jack - I emailed you a good long response about this. The short answer is Yes.
Thank you and I am glad to hear you are enjoying the Pine Pollen. I will be excited to hear about how you will receive the benefits of these herbs with the addition of Tongkat Ali to your regiment.

by W Howard on Pine Pollen
Pine Pollen is a hidden secret

The Pine Pollen is an excellent product that works with no side effects for me.It is best mixed with cinamon and stevia and it works.Well done folks!

by Roy on Pine Pollen
From the netherlands!!!

Oke i never do reviews but this stuf is so good i just feel i have to give a good back on it.i have tryed alot of herbs en sups in the past froms differend shops en normaly i would go to a health shop pay 150 worth of sups en just look if it wil work... but now i have tryed your stuf i must say this is quality!! I have taken the pine pollen powder becuse it was like a good basic i must say just wow the energie get from it!! The mental clarity en even the morning wood thing workt for me im so happy i finaly! Found good qaulity herbs becuse i read the reviews en see al the positive feed back i just have to ty them alThanks super men herbs!!!!Keep up the good work!!

by Ross on Pine Pollen
Pine Pollen Tincture

Have been using for about 3 weeks, Great focus and energy. I started out cycling 5 on 2 off and can really tell the difference on the 2 days off so now take it daily. Will try cycling after 2 weeks and see what happens

by Vin on Pine Pollen
Pine Pollen as a Multi Vitamin for women

How long does it take to have a review I made and added question to be posted, and hopefully a response? I ask this because this is the 2nd time I've asked the question but without yet a response. The question is for my wife who is 65 years of age. I am 65 and have had some success with Pine Pollen and Tongkat Ali, with increase energy and slight improvement in the bedroom. I'm considering Nettle for the problem of frequent peeing, unless you have other suggestions

We can certainly answer any questions you have for your wife. You may want to email us at
I think Nettle would be a great choice for frequent urination at night.

by Martin on Pine Pollen
Awesome product

I can vouch for some of the benefits of the pine pollen. I take half a tespoon 3 times a day each before a meal sublingually. I will redo my review after a month of regular use.

by Tommie Slade on Pine Pollen
1st Few days of use

Immediately, the things I have noticed using the Pine Pollen tincture are:1. Easier to take a pee without pressure2. Decreased urination at night3. More energy, not as sleepy during day4. Sleeping is easier, not waking up during the night.I have read the difference between the tincture and powder.. Maybe I will try the powder, but first I am going to try the Phoenix formula.

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