Erectile Dysfunction

Comedian George Burns said something that rings true…

George Burns

Unfortunately, this is true for many people that aren’t yet 90. Whether you call it impotence or erectile dysfunction it is a problem for most men at some point in their life.

Is there something you can do about it?


If you need to turn your rope into a hard piece of wood there are a few things you can do.

And you can get a number of herbs that can help in this regard. As discussed with Dr. William Wong, there appears to be four main factors in turning rope to wood. And I’ve added an additional fifth one to that discussion.

1 – Testosterone

Libido is one of the many functions of testosterone. There’s a little bit of a trick that nature seems to play on us. Often times you might not have enough T to “get it up” though the desire may still be there.

Although testosterone has a natural decline with age, there are lots of things that you can do to restore it towards optimal and youthful levels. These include steps like diet, working out, sleep, having sex and much more. Be sure to check out this article on Men’s Hormone Health for more details, including the related hormones, enzymes and other factors at play.

Our two most popular herbs in this regard are pine pollen and tongkat ali. Though they work through different mechanisms both help to give you better testosterone levels and help in sexual function in some other ways as well.

It was with pine pollen that we first noticed the morning wood effect. And if it’s happening more and better then, that means it’s likely to work better at other times as well.

2 – Dopamine

Another aspect of libido appears to be the neurotransmitter dopamine. Dopamine has a lot to do with desire, sexual and otherwise.

Dr. William Wong told an amazing story of Parkinson’s patients, at 60 and 70 years old, having sex like rabbits. This was because Parkinson’s has been treated with a drug called levodopa to restore dopamine levels.

The good news is there is a natural herb for this too. Mucuna is rich in L-dopa, the precursor to dopamine. For this reason it appears to be great for getting your dopamine levels functioning better (and in a moment you’ll find out a couple reasons they can be disturbed from modern day living).

Whether it is through this dopamine-precursor or through another mechanism, Mucuna pruriens has been shown to support both testosterone and growth hormone levels. This is a very exciting herb.

Many natural foods can also support dopamine. Precursors to L-dopa include the amino acids L-tyrosine and L-phenylalanine. So a good supply of these, which you can get from many foods, also will help support dopamine.

L-Phenylalanine → L-Tyrosine → L-DOPA → Dopamine

So why might your dopamine be disturbed? Dopamine is basically triggered to help you have a drive towards something. Once you get that something dopamine is released. From hearing the ‘ding’ on your phone with social media, or with specially designed games meant to trigger addiction, this once helpful neurotransmitter can be hijacked to not work correctly.

One of the worst pieces of this problem in regards to our current issue is what is called Porn-Induced ED. With the simple access to porn of any and every type readily available with a click of a button online you can live out your fantasies even several times a day. And clicking from one video to another just to release a little more dopamine and get more excited further fuels this.

As bigger and bigger surges of dopamine get released in this way your body and brain become resistant to more normal levels.

Eventually you may get to a point where you can’t get it up without that same porn. Even “normal” sex may not be exciting enough. You’ll need to wean yourself off or go cold turkey in order to help get your dopamine around sex back in order.

Lots more could be said on this issue, but I just wanted to introduce it to you, in case it happens to be an issue for you.

3 – Nitric Oxide

So we’ve talked about hormones and neurotransmitters. Next we move onto blood flow for our next to components.

Here’s a quick anatomy lesson. In order for the penis to become erect the spongy tissue in it, called the Corpus Cavernosum, must relax. Yes, that says relax which may seem counter-intuitive at first, as things seem to be anything but relaxed in that moment. This relaxation is triggered by nitric oxide (NO) in the endothelium of the blood vessels, which then allows blood to flow into the penis. Voila, you have an erection.

NO is important in more than just erections too. It acts like a vasodilator and thus plays an important role in exercise as well as general cardiovascular health.

One of the often used ways to support NO production is the amino acid L-arginine. This amino acid is a precursor to NO so many people take 2-10 grams before sex.

Herbs can also support NO. Cistanche is a likely candidate. Although there isn’t too much science to back it up, I’m sure it would be if studied. Historically, its always been used in sexual formulas and is said to direct blood flow to the genital area.

Some other foods and herbs that can support this function are garlic, cayenne, cacao, ginseng, pomegranates, beets, amalaki, green leafy vegetables and horny goat weed (which will be talked about more in the next factor).

4 – PDE5

NO is a gaseous molecule that only has a short half-life. What that means is that it can go away quickly. This may be responsible when you have no problems getting hard, but then going soft.

PDE5 means phosphodiesterase type 5. We might not even know about this enzyme except for an accident with a drug. Sildenafil citrate was being investigated as a heart medication when they noticed a certain side effect. The men had raging bonners! And thus Viagra® was born and changed the face of medicine making large amounts of money.

This drug and many of the others are classed as PDE5 inhibitors. Inhibiting this enzyme is useful as it basically is used in the breakdown of factors, derived from NO, that keep your erection.

The physiological details of how this works with PDE 5 and the NO-cGMP pathway is fairly complex which you can read more about here if you want to: The role of nitric oxide in erectile dysfunction: implications for medical therapy.

Although ED drugs are often thought of as a cure-all, they only work on this one mechanism and thus don’t work for everyone. As a drug, they also come with a list of side effects.

Horny Goat Weed, also know, as Epimedium, in addition to raising NO levels, has an “active” constituent called icariin which also acts as a PDE5 inhibitor.

Other herbs that are thought to be PDE5 inhibitors include Xanthoparmelia Powder. Cuscuta chinensis, and others.

It’s important to note that these natural herbs, unless the “active ingredient” is isolated and used in huge levels, do not have the same effects as drugs do.

Many people seem to expect too much right away, coming from that frame of mind, which should be warned against.

5 – Psychological

In addition to these four physiological reasons for impotence, we also have to talk about the psychological.

For any man that has ever had things not work, perhaps based on one of the above factors, this can then set up a horrible loop where you have anxiety and worry about it not working. This surely then makes it harder for things to work.

There are lots of reasons your thinking can get in the way here that are beyond the scope of this article.

The good news is that supporting physiological function with herbs or other changes can often then help with the psychological too.

And we can’t discount the placebo effect either. If you think something might help, that can do a lot to relieve any mental pressure, and then things DO work better.

There’s also something to be said for the body’s wisdom. If things aren’t working that can indicate too much stress in your life, lack of health in the many ways listed above, as well as relationship issues.

Special Note to Women

These factors matter for you just as much! Testosterone is an important component in libido for women too, although progresterone and estrogen also play their role. Dopamine matters for you too.

And although it isn’t as well known, women have erectile tissue as well. For more detail you can read Women’s Anatomy of Arousal.

Thus NO and PDE5 will matter for you too, so the same practices and herbs can support your sexuality as well. And of course there are some women specific things to do, but that’s a topic for another time.

Putting this into Action

So if you’re suffering from any signs of impotence what should you do?

The best bet is to try to identify the main component behind it. Is it one of the five reasons listed above? Is it a combination of them?

Try tweaking your lifestyle, and take herbs, to support that function. Notice if things get better or not. If they don’t try something else.

Here’s a helpful guide on where you might want to start. Like I said, it could be a combination of several factors.

Testosterone – Are you 50 or older? Do you see other signs of insufficient testosterone like losing strength, depression, fatigue and many more? Do you not wake up with morning wood?

You can also do blood or saliva testing for testosterone, though as mentioned here, it’s very useful to look at other related hormones too.

Dopamine – Be honest here. Are you watching porn regularly? Are you doing anything else that could be over-triggering dopamine, which could get in the way of your desire?

On the flip side, something you do want to see; when it comes time for sex do you get so exciting you’re almost shaking with it?

Nitric Oxide – Are you over 40? Can you not get hard in the first place? Do you not get frequent morning wood? Are you generally out of shape with a poor diet?

PDE5 – Do you get erections but they disappear? Do you have morning wood but it doesn’t last very long after you wake up?

Psychological – Do you worry about having erectile problems before or during sex?

Based on these ideas we put together Thor’s Hammer Sexual Potency Formula. 

Thors Hammer Sexual Formula

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Erectile Dysfunction — 51 Comments

  1. Sometime soon all we will need is a combo of all the good stuff to make wood. ED is a big problem with the males from the 40’s up. I like the natural herbal tinctures ,they work some of the time,not all the time!
    At 75, it is work in progress,as the women expect their pound of flesh to be a hard handful.

  2. Thanks again Logan! I’ve really started to dial into your work with herbs lately. The things I took for granted all the way through my 40’s suddenly need some tweaking. The podcasts, articles, and info on the website are all very helpful. Will buy the T book also!

  3. looking for a supplement you have that can help to maintain super rock erections. I heard that shilijet helps as well as tongcat ali and others. Do you have a supplement that incorporates some or more of these combinations?

  4. Need simple all in one ingredients package to take after meds 3-4 hr window to work. So far pine pollen, tongkat-ali, maca, horny goat weed, and other stuff provide wood but not rigid enough. Wife still enjoy it and get off but I want her to feel my wood more. I am adding cayenne to mix to open the small blood vessels. What do you think?

    • Cayenne certainly stimulates the blood flow. Used herbally as an accelerator so yes it could help. We’re going to be releasing our Thor’s Hammer soon in a limited release so look for that.

  5. I am a formulator. I found a source for pharma grade nitric oxide! I preparing it and pharma grade recombinant dopamine, etc,in a formula I am creating. I also have pharma grade cantharis(Spanish fly!)which really works!!! No side effects either. Why? Here’s the turn off for some -it’s homeopathic. It is a fasl concept that all homopathics are non molecular. NOT true. All of my ingredients are not diluted up to 24X or 12C potency. Even then I get excellent results.
    And another turn off it take about three days to really start working, but this does not apply to all.
    I do private labeling 200 min. order 1 oz. bottles.
    But, my reason for saying this is to say keep tuned, and know answers can come from any method or formulas, etc. This is a great site for all of us, and proffers great advice, etc. !!! I will have it ready or for my co. this year. I can do private label now.

  6. Very informative. I have a quick question. Does pine pollen aggravate hair loss for people with androgenetic alopecia?

    • Good question. And I don’t have an answer for you. I haven’t done a lot of research into the role of the androgens in hair loss and it seems to be a confusing subject to say the least. Maybe it will help. Maybe it will hurt. If you try working with pine pollen please do let us know your results for good or ill.

  7. Logan, cannot wait to take a look at the ingredients and concentrations of the herbs that will be used on that Thor’s Hammer formula. I’ve been following your work and reading your emails thoroughly. All in all, I’m also documenting myself further with other reliable publications on such herbs offer on the website (I’m a scientific man).

    Hope to see that new product, something potent enough, at a decent price, that could be taken perhaps like Cialis, with a long lasting effect. I do not trust pharmaceuticals in general btw.

    Thanks for making the effort to get this herbs to this side of the world.

    Quick question: are there any documentation on the importation of the herbs that could certify their purity? This is something really important for everyone to look at. After all, taking some grams of such herbs to an independent lab anywhere would do the trick to see how potent such herb powders can really be.

    Keep on the excellent work bringing to life that side of men that might be slipping away thanks to the lifestyle the world is facing.

    • Yes we do some testing and are working to do more. By purity and potency I assume you mean looking at active constituents. That is good in one sense but also flawed in another. To say one thing is active assumes everything else is inactive, but based on the fact there there are ten’s if not hundred’s of components in each herb, and there isn’t enough scientific research about each herb, let alone component, we tend to assume one thing is good and the rest are not.

      When we have that information available we put it on the site. If there was something specifically you were looking for let us know.

  8. Thanks for dis wonderful info. Is it possible to these herbs here in africa? Nigeria to be precise. God bless u.

    • We do ship to Africa. As for finding them locally I can’t say. I’m sure there are some African herbs with similar effects though.

  9. I am 73 and have been on Hormone Replacement Therapy for 5 years (initially Androgel and now Fortesta), otherwise my health is excellent. Morning wood is non-existent. Can I take tonkat ali and pine pollen while on HRT? Will they help me achieve erections?

    • Yes you should be able to take these herbs while on HRT, as other people do. Try them out and see how they work for you. It might not be the hormonal component though (which those herbs do help with but also do much more). Also look into the blood flow issues and the herbs that could help with that.

  10. I am 78 years old and have been suffering from ED for the last 5 to 6 years. Is there any hope for going back say ten years with the help of right treatment and what type treatment. Please I do needs help and direction in this regard so help me if you can.

    • I like to believe that it’s always possible. Try out the herbs and see if they help you. Our Thor’s Hammer formula would be a good place to start.

  11. Thor’s hammer is the way to go, WOW. Tastes extremely bad though so take with something tart like cranberry juice mixed with tart cherry juice and add some pine pollen and maca for added kick. Keeps you going if you know what I mean!!

    • It depends on which herb. Some are organic. Some are not. Some are wild crafted. Some are not. You can find details about each ingredient individually on its page.

  12. When you use 2 formulas and you are mixing one of the formulas, if one or more ingredients are used in both formulas, do you combine the two amounts or use the amount from just one formula?

    • You can do either way and find out what works best for yourself. Generally speaking, it’s best to start with one ingredient only and increase the amount if needed.

  13. Let me know if there is any side effect by taking it like any kind of hormonal dis balance which may cause cancer or any side effect on organ.
    Will this product ship to India.

    • We recommend cycling any herb that affects hormones (5 days on/2 days off).

      You can read about possible side effects of herbs on a product page for each herb. None of the herbs cause cancer!

      We do ship to India.

  14. I am 78 years old. For almost 2 years I was prescribe the drug Finasteride for Prostrate enlargement. Besides losing almost all desire for sex, my penis shrunk in length and girth. Two weeks ago I learned about pine pollen and nettle herbs, which I have almost used up. I recently ordered your three pack with the added Tincture.(I have stopped taking finasteride after reading the articles on pine pollen.) Even taking 3 tablespoons of Pine Pollen every day, I cannot get a hard on. I am hoping the Tincture will help. I am also daily doing the exercise, Penile Ballooning Technique with the help of a Vacuum pump, which only helps me get a “soft hard on” which does not last. I am not discouraged and my wife is very considerate, and I know I have to get the bad drug out of my system and that it may take a little longer because of my age. However, can you suggest a combination of herbs that might accelerate me back to normal. I had a very active sex life prior to finasteride

    • Sorry to hear that Otto. Apparently Finasteride messes a lot of people up in that manner. I would suggest trying Thor’s Hammer or each one of the ingredients in there individually. No single herb works for everyone, so maybe the pine pollen isn’t best for you, but something else might be. Give it some time too and keep going.

  15. Hi Logan, Thanks for all the great information. I am 74 years old. How long approx. will it take for Thor’s Hammer to work, and are there any known side effects? Thank you and May God Bless!

    • It should work the first time you take it, although for some people it takes several attempts. Aside from an awful taste, I am not aware of any side effects.

  16. I am 60 with ED since my 50’s, I used to take a counter capsules (which in 2014 were banned because of having an illegal drug) named Vigor Maximum, the effect used to last quite long. Unfortunately I was not knowing that, those herbal products have a strong active ingredient like in Viagra, Cyalis, etc. which is a bust of Arginine. Every time I used to take one, I got shingles (because of having Chicken Pox when child). Recently I read that, any of those medications are strong active Arginine bust. Are your products including Arginine too? Thanks.

    • Some of the herbs do contain Arginine, which is an amino acid regularly produced by the human body. Arginine is also found in every source of protein (meat, dairy, seafood, flour, oats, etc…). I doubt the Arginine in the product you used to take was the problem, but rather some other substance.

      It’s worth mentioning that we sell pure herbs or their extract and nothing is ever added to them.

  17. I no longer get that morning erection as before. I have to take to your advise. The Vigrx plus with Bioperine that is male virility supplement does it really do its work?. Please, can you sent me a good natural Male enchancement product that is no equal. From all indication, herbs are more natural.

  18. How does one Take Thor’s Hammer? In Warm Water and How Much Or Do You Mix It Up in a Juice They say the taste is awful but I can live with that. Will it Help with ED or should I take Pine Pollen. Will it Increase my Ejaculate Volume? – What would be the best herb For That?
    Thank you Kindly

    • You can definitely take it with warm water. It also works well to mix in some of the tasty berries such as Schisandra or Seabuckthorn to the formula to mask the taste.
      Sorry, can’t tell you for sure anything that will work for ED, there’s no one best herb. Check out our ED article. My guess is that if it is a hormonal issue then using something like pine pollen or tongkat ali could help but I’m not sure. I guess it is worth a shot if nothing else.

  19. I’m reading a lot of comments here about how herbs and tinctures have not worked for some people. After recently getting over cancer I learned that chemo absolutely hammers your gut. I was taking good quality herbs from SuperMan, and nothing was happening. Then a naturopath made me up some gut herbs to re-balance the gut flora, and after about six weeks things started to change – big time!
    My point is that it doesn’t matter how good a quality, or how strong a herb is, if your body can’t absorb it properly then you won’t get the full benefit. Prescription drugs do all sorts of things to gut flora. I’m not saying every person has major gut problems but it’s worth checking. Get hold of some gut herbs from a qualified herbal practitioner (not purchased in tab form from a health food shop) and just take them for a month – no harm in it, just to see what happens. You might find that things start to change.


    Salus Populi Suprema (Health of the people is the highest order)

    • Really glad you brought this up. This is totally true and I am sure why many people don’t react to herbs or foods that are healthy towards them as others might. One thing to add to that though is meat products. If you are consuming meat that is treated with antibiotics, you may be hampering your gut and not allowing it to regain the bacteria composition you are working towards. Another reason to actively take probiotics to counter this. Also a reason cleanses may do you so good is getting a break from this constant low-level antibiotic activity.

  20. Am the CEO of Capital O2 Natural Health Co. LTD. we will interested to promote you products in Ghana provided they are efficacious, in the meantime let us how to go about the importation. Thanks and awaiting your earliest reply. JD OTOO

  21. How safe for 68year old man who underwent prostrate gland operation 2 years back. I’m getting erection daily and enjoy sex once a month. I’m type 2 diabetic,readings in normal range since 8 years.

    • Most of the herbs mentioned don’t have any blood sugar effects that I know of. Best would be to try each out seperately by itself for a time and see what effects it might have on your body just to be safe. You might also want to look into Nettle Root if you haven’t already to promote healthy prostate health.

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