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As opposed to other herb companies, that use their consultations as thinly disguised sales pitches to sell their products, we’re interested in giving you the best practical lifestyle and dietary advice, to be used in combination with herbs, to help you increase your health and performance. (And it may not even be Super Man Herbs that are best suited for you.)

We’ve brought on a number of high quality consultants to help you reach your health goals. Each brings their unique philosophy and area of expertise to help you via Skype or phone.

Dr. Greg Carder


Dr. Greg Carder is a graduate of the Florida College of Integrative Medicine & is licensed to practice in the state of Florida as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine under the auspices of Chapter 457 of the Florida Statute. Dr. Greg has been actively involved in the practice of Integrative Medicine (multidisciplinary medical practice) since 1996 so that during consultation a person can benefit from the best of both worlds health-care has to offer. Since the beginning, Dr. Greg has owned & operated various conventional medical practices from Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Cosmetic Medicine & Anti-Aging Medicine allowing those patients to enjoy the latest in broad spectrum cutting-edge health care.

In addition & concurrent to those practices, there has always existed Complimentary & Alternative Medicine, Functional Medicine & Oriental Medicine components within those practices. All these disciplines are combined for the patient so that a person can enjoy the benefits of those co-joined efforts designed to maximize your results. When getting a consultation with Dr. Greg, a person can often hear him say, “aging is a mistake, I don’t want to participate & neither should you.”

As such Dr. Greg joined the American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine (A4M), that body of physicians & scientist’s dedicated to helping you stay on top of the cutting edge developments & discoveries in Rejuvenative Medicine & allowing a person to optimize your mental, physical, athletic, health & performance.

Today, a sub-category of Anti-Aging has itself been able to take a quantum leap forward using the art & science of “BIOHACKING.” For the forward thinking, acting & self-actualizing person, Biohacking involves your using, quantifying & measuring the latest cutting edge developments & discoveries designed to propel you from where you are to where you want to be. Now, in conjunction with Superman Herbs – Dr. Greg is proud to offer those Consultations that are designed to share with you their innovative tips, tools & techniques that a person can use as you seek to enhance human performance, maximize your results & achieve your goals!

Find out more about Dr. Greg Carder and his services here.

Jewel Klahn

Jewel Klahn

Jewel began practicing herbal medicine 9 years ago as a self-study, and decided that it was her true passion to help and educate others using natural medicine. She went on to compete a Bachelor of Science degree in Herbal Sciences from Bastyr University, where she spent 4 years studying under naturopathic doctors, herbalists, ethnobotanists, biochemists, and nutritionists. Since graduating in 2012, she has managed a Seattle based apothecary; been the quality control manager for a GMP compliant facility producing herbal extracts from fresh, local plant sources; sustainably harvests native herbs in her area for use in her practice or for others; has worked or volunteered on organic farms and at plant nurseries to learn how to grow her own medicinal herbs and foods; volunteers in children’s education programs for the plant sciences, and teaches classes on herbal medicine in the Seattle area. She believes learning should never stop, and continues to seek opportunities to grow and evolve as an herbalist. 

Jewel’s consultations are educational as she believes in helping you become your own healer. She believes in herbal remedies that have been shown to work in a consistent manner, both science backed and withstanding the test of time. Her favorite herbs to use are ones that are easy to find, have been used for hundreds of years, and balance the body in multiple ways, instead of focusing on one single ailment. The body is a complexity of systems, each interplaying on another to function as an extraordinary whole. In her studies she’s witnessed that you can not affect one thing without effecting another, and has seen time and time again that when one body system is weakened or out of balance, it may be expressed as something seemingly unrelated. It is her passion to educate others on how herbs can shift energies and balance your body, as a whole.

Find out more about Jewel Klahn and her services here.

William Potter

William Potter L.Ac.William been studying Internal and External Martial Arts since 1992. He began his journey at Michigan State University learning Yang Style Tai Chi and  continued to deepen it with Master Jianhua Guo at the Championship Martial Arts Academy of Chicago, training under Master Guo, Master Daniel Pesina, and Shifu Tony Marquez.  William continued studies with Master Tsai of Chicago, Shi Yan Ming of New York,  Jeff Primack of Supreme Science Qigong,and Master Jesse Tsao of Tai Chi Healthways.   He has since embarked many trips to China to  deepen his studies of Chinese internal and external martial arts. Among his travel sites is the legendary Wudang, long considered the birthplace of Tai Chi.   He also spent time studying with Don Miguel Ruiz and 3 of his immediate apprentices, Heather Ashe, Ginny Gentry, and Francis Puerta in Mexico, Peru and Hawaii.    During this time of study, William”s practice was combined with a heartfelt appreciation for life and deepened his perspective on Chinese Arts and added practices from the Yogic Tradition.  He is a certified Yoga instructor.  He  continues to explore and teach Chinese Wu Shu, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, and  many forms of Yoga.   Enamored with the Chinese Healing System, William moved from Chicago to San Diego to pursue his Masters in Traditional Oriental Medicine. William has a Bachelor of Fine Arts, from Michigan State and a Masters of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego, certifications in Tai Chi, Qigong, Yoga and Food Healing Science.

He currently teaches Tai Chi, Qigong, Kokoro Yoga for Commander Mark Divine at the SEAL-FIT headquarters in Encinitas, CA.  He is the founder and owner of Firewater Acupuncture Healing Arts which specializes in treating high performance athletes.   It would be his honor to share some of the wisdom he has gleaned over 20 years of practice.

William teaches the Art of Balance from a Chinese Medical perspective.  He utilizes the reference points of Jing, Qi and Shen, 5 Element assessments and combines that with Western Food Healing,  He also shares tools for conscious exploration.  He offers full dietary assessment  from the East and West and includes mental, emotional and spiritual  balancing tools that you can put into practice immediately.  These include Breath Practices, Meditation, Guided Visualization and Belief Technology.

Find out more about William Potter and his services here.

Michael Vasquez

Michael VasquezMichael has over 35 yrs. experience, having learned and worked with herbs & diet, physical arts, and lifestyle changes, guided by one of my teachers and self study. In this time he has attained a working knowledge and experience-base of adjusting and balancing the mind/body/spirit in accord to the seasonal shifts, body constitutions, and the Yuan Shen or longevity practices that are the working foundations of traditional and evolving standards in Chinese Medicine. His daily learning/studying/training is a constant, consistent, and active, as his path of Life Alchemy. He has great appreciation for the 3 Treasures perspective in Chinese medicine.

The process of the Body Constitution Evaluation will clarify and allow you to find solutions to LifeStyle /Diet/and Herbal alternatives. This is a great tool if you are either wanting to work deeper with yourself, or are planning to work with another Alternative Provider, such as an Acupuncturist. He will recommend a plan of action, herbal, physical, dietary, and lifestyle alternatives if/as needed, and how to execute a gradual incline in the development of your self care tools. He is available for supportive follow-ups, suggestions, Q. & A., and directions as you adjust to the changes. His instruction is like the “glue” that keeps the parts together as a whole, allowing and adjusting as you become healthier.

Many people are reaching to learn how to maintain health and wellness as they face what feels like an over-whelming amount of requirements and challenges, and not the time and energy to do it all…, and still it needs to get done, sound familiar? This is a pragmatic and results-oriented approach that can help streamline daily maintenance and bridge seasonal adjustments and longevity practices. A liberating approach to Healthy Living.

Find out more about Michael Vasquez and his services here.