1% for the Planet

By Zane Christopher

Super Man Herbs is about medicine and nothing is more medicinal than that of nature. Nature as a guiding principle has been at the heart of it all for us since before we began. The innate intelligence of nature in healing the body is part in parcel of our revelation that nature is essential for the human experience. Sure, humans can live without the wilderness if they desire but it seemingly has a negative effect on their long term health. Great health, in my opinion, is not a hard thing as those that are healthiest among us seem to share a universal (evolutionary?) pull to live and breathe in wild spaces.

The herbs we procure are always best for us when pulled from those wild spaces. Again, the innate intelligence of nature, of its plants and fungi, its wings and claws, its micro- and macroscopic lives, living in delicate balance with each other. If homeostatic systems lean too far out of balance, environmental checks will always come around in time to reorient the system towards one of newfound balance, over and over never ceasing. The herbs (whether cultivated or otherwise) are just one way we as humans can balance what the macroscopic amalgam of society perpetuates on the individuals that make it up. Simply put, medicinal herbs can help even out the diseases caused by the modern age.

It should be noted that modern medicine is still somewhat based in nature, as the study of the human body itself is the study of nature. Many of the prescription drugs that act as our medicines are derived from the ecosystems of the world itself, though with a decidedly heavy use of concentrated forms as opposed to wholesome formats. Wonderful for acute conditions, though not as much for chronic ones!

While it may sound like Super Man Herbs favors the use of the ‘old’ over the use of the ‘new’ or ‘synthesized’, this is simply not the case. Our perspective of the world is one that everything in it, whether created by the hands of man or that of Mother Nature, is in fact natural. This implies that the combination of medicines the world over has the potential to be the best around. Pulling from all these medicines increases the diversity of healing factors for all individuals.


This is why joining 1% for the Planet was a no brainer. Humans have the amazing ability to create or destroy. Neither is in itself good or bad. Both come and go and flow into each other almost effortlessly. This, of course, may sound very reminiscent of the Chinese Yin/Yang symbol because that is exactly what it is. In 1%, the drive towards creating a more balanced world between the one of man and the one of nature is akin to a creative drive coming forth out of a destructive one. A reaction to our unstable experiment with the entire planet, which, just like in chemistry, our utter abandon for striving towards continuous progress has pulled the world into.

One of the guiding principles that we see is that a healthy, balanced humanity has a greater chance to be a more conscious humanity. So while we have pushed to bring function back to dysfunctional bodies, we have always had in mind that desire to help the larger humanity by giving back to the very natural world we make our living from. The herbs help us be healthier, which in turn help us live fuller lives, which leads to a strong desire to help greater causes then ourselves because we have the base from which unselfish acts become a more common occurrence. We are proud to be able to finally do this with our first step being to contribute annually to those charities we think will have the most impact. And this is all possible through 1% for the Planet. We at Super Man Herbs are very grateful to be part of this organization.

To the health of the world,
Zane Christopher

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