Ep5: Why Pine Pollen Part 1

  • The Benefits of Reproductive Foods
  • Why it’s called “Nature Multivitamin”, and how it may be a better option than most supplemental multivitamins and minerals out there.
  • How Estrogens are Destroying Your Health
  • The Phyto-Androgens in Pine Pollen and What they can do for you.
  • Why you can’t only trust Double Blind Studies
  • The Morning Wood Effect
  • What to do when Pine Pollen doesn’t produce its desired effect?

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Ep5: Why Pine Pollen Part 1 — 9 Comments

  1. I am receiving e-mails from Mark Wilson who apparently works with you or for you. In his e-mails he claims that if you don’t cycle your T boosting agents daily then you are getting no effect and therefore wasting your time and money. So, I am confused. My understanding is to cycle 5 days on and 2 off with these products. But he brought up your packaging of 5 or so individual herbs (pine pollen, black ant extract, tongkat ali, etc) so that you can take only one the 1st day, another on day 2, etc. so, what is the proper way to take these products? There are several of them in the Phoenix Formula so should this be taken daily or not? I am taking 200mg of tongkat ali twice a day, 1 tablespoonful of pine pollen 3 times a day, 1 dropperful of pine pollen tincture twice a day for 5 days then leaving off for 2 days. But according to Mark Wilson I am cycling wrong and therefore not getting anything out of taking these on this type of cycle. Please clarify I do not wish to build up the tolerance that he speaks of if I take the same product 2 or more days in a row.

    Please respond asap so that I can take these products correctly.

    • Different people have different theories. I personally haven’t tried the one different herb each day though I probably will soon. What you describe that you’re doing certainly has worked for others. Is it working for you so far?

      • It is really hard to tell because I am really fortunate and don’t have any real issues. I am 57 but have not yet felt any different than when I was in my 30’s. I have been athletic all my life (college football, competitive bodybuilder-won state overall in 1987, and now back in the gym pumping iron). I am doing these protocols to begin the fight that is eventually coming (I am not waiting on it to get here). I like your products and I may try the one thing, one day cycle. If so, I will let you know how it compares. I also do a Lugol’s solution protocol.

    • The proper way to take the products is what works best for you! If Marks way works do that, if your way works best do that. Are you getting benefits you seek doing the way your doing? The only true way to know is to experience it, that mean trying both ways and seeing which is best for you. Before we ever started working with Mark I thought of doing something similar to what he says, but taking herbs everyday just works for me very well. Hence I never got around to trying herbs his way. Email me if you have further questions [email protected].

  2. Jep,
    I heed Mark’s advice about the advantages of cycling, but I don’t do it exactly his way. I’ll take tongkat for 5 days straight in rather heavy doses to really get the Kreutz effect going, then back off and cycle one different supplement per day (catuaba, maca, mucuna, epimedium, avena sativa) over the next 5 or so days. Then back on tongkat again, and so forth. I use Phoenix as a pre-workout mixture. And I pretty much take pine pollen daily or as needed. Btw, I’m 57 too.

    • Ken,
      Thanks! That sounds pretty good! What is your dose of TA and are you using Superman Herbs (I am) or a capsule. I am also using a small dose of DHT gel (from the UK) 5 days on 2 off. Keep in touch.

  3. …@ 66+…what helps? and in what amounts? Or, what next? I’m not, just old…er…work out 4 times per week, walk 2.5 miles to 4 miles per day…wife needs my attention…

    • I believe we covered how much in this, and the followup part 2 episode. There’s also lots of dosing information on the main pine pollen page.

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