Ep4: How To Take Herbs

What is the best way to take herbs? Learn why capsules may not be the best option, as we discuss the five elements and tastes. Learn several options and ideas on how to take different herbs from schisandra to shilajit, tongkat to pine pollen, chaga and more.

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Ep4: How To Take Herbs was last modified: April 25th, 2015 by Logan Christopher
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Logan Christopher has been called the Physical Culture Renaissance Man for his many wide-ranging feats of strength. His interest in herbalism, hormones and health began with seeking peak performance mentally and physically.


Ep4: How To Take Herbs — 2 Comments

  1. Thanks, Logan and Cloud, this is the best yet and my first experience of these “blog” entries. So I am first of all very grateful for your pioneering spirits. And your encouraement based on your research and self experimenting.
    Taste is exceedingly important to me. I am a bitter taste lover. And Tongkat Ali is way up there in intensity. And definitely a brain sharpener.
    Schisandra is such a marvel . Now having read this post, its complexity makes sense. I am taking about 3 1/8th teaspoons right now.
    It is a treat.
    I remember my first couple of tastes of Hercules Two formula. I do therapuetic deep tissue bodywork. Iwas working on a long time client. And the work has had a reputation for intense and deep. After the session noticing a wee bit of wobble in this individuals stance the question was asked:”So how was that?”
    The response was:”What have you been doing? Lifting freight train cars for your workout?” The formula was my second time having used Hercules Two. And i was only taking a half teaspoon, becasue I did not know what it would be like.
    I am very grateful for the discussions that you posted for us to review, Logan and Cloud. I agree, we all are unique and deserve to pay attention to how our bodies feel and function and respect the gifts these plants can impart. Bon Voyage. Safe Adventure.

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