By Zane Christopher I know a few people that claim to love sleep more than anything. This is ironic because those that claim this are often times the most chronically sleep-deprived of us. Americans on average sleep about 6.8 hours … Continue reading

Ep9: We Love Medicinal Mushrooms Part 2

Would you want this powerful cancer blend? The adaptogen Cordyceps and how it increases endurance and more Lion’s Mane, the #1 Nootropic mushroom that even boosts curiosity! How colors can reflect what a mushroom or herb does The common Tree … Continue reading

Ep8: We Love Medicinal Mushrooms Part 1

Are all mushrooms medicinal? How to get started harvesting wild mushrooms (and the dangers to look out for) What mycelium is and how it’s different from fruiting bodies The difference between tree and ground mushrooms Reishi’s negative side effect?!? Why … Continue reading