Ep14: Testosterone with Mark Wilson

In this new interview with Mark Wilson we dive deep into testosterone (and related hormones) for men. The main reason I wanted to bring him on was to discuss an interesting and different cycling method for working with the hormonal … Continue reading

Ep13: Taking Herbs Q&A

Here we go into more of your questions and answers, this time grouped around the topic of taking herbs. Is chugging down the herbs with a glass of water better than mixing them in a glas of water. Or does … Continue reading

Ep9: We Love Medicinal Mushrooms Part 2

Would you want this powerful cancer blend? The adaptogen Cordyceps and how it increases endurance and more Lion’s Mane, the #1 Nootropic mushroom that even boosts curiosity! How colors can reflect what a mushroom or herb does The common Tree … Continue reading

Ep8: We Love Medicinal Mushrooms Part 1

Are all mushrooms medicinal? How to get started harvesting wild mushrooms (and the dangers to look out for) What mycelium is and how it’s different from fruiting bodies The difference between tree and ground mushrooms Reishi’s negative side effect?!? Why … Continue reading

Ep7: Aaron Tex Johnson

Welcome to our first athlete interview on The Vital Way Podcast. Welcome to our sponsored Professional Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and MMA Athlete, Aaron “Tex” Johnson. Going from “Commercial” Supplements to Natural Herbs Being able to Feel what your Body Needs Tips … Continue reading

Ep3: Introduction Part 3 – The Vital Way Podcast

This episode introduces Cloud Christopher, the oldest of the three brothers, and the original idea man behind the company. We delve into his history as a bodybuilder, personal trainer, army recruit, cross fitter, MovNat and more. And he lays out … Continue reading