Polysaccharides and Beta-Glucans in Mushrooms

Before I got into medicinal mushrooms I had never heard of polysaccharides or beta-glucans, but these compounds are not unique to fungi, and instead are widely pervasive. There are very different functions among polysaccharides and even beta-glucans. The aim of … Continue reading

Anti-Androgenic Effects of Reishi

Ganoderma lucidum, better known as reishi, is one of the very top herbs in Chinese medicine. It has earned the reputation as the mushroom of immortality and is well known for its healthful effects across a broad spectrum of areas. … Continue reading

Reishi on HIV, AIDS and Cancer

Dr. Andrew Weil states, “Reishi has been the subject of a surprising amount of scientific research in Asia and the West.” This video shares some of the research and usage of reishi with HIV, AIDS, cancer and more, with its … Continue reading

What I Gathered at the 2015 Internation Herb Symposium – Part 2

By Zane Christopher If you missed Part 1, click here to read it.  Adaptogens: Herbs for Strength, Stamina and Stress Relief It was my great pleasure to attend this lecture by one of the authors of the book with the … Continue reading

How To Stop A Cold In Its Tracks

This is something I’ve used in the past to stop a cold dead in its tracks and it worked pretty well. It’s not the best experience for the senses, but it’s much better than sneezing, coughing and laying in bed … Continue reading

Ep22: Random Q&A

Once again, you ask and we answer. This week we had a wide range of questions. Are any of your herbs organic? Would you go into more detail about the health benefits of schisandra ( positive effects it might have … Continue reading

What is Healthy Immunity? We all long to be healthy. No one enjoys being sick or injured, enjoyment is never an issue here. So it is of utmost importance to have an immune system working at the highest levels. So … Continue reading

Benefits of Mushrooms

By Logan Christopher This past weekend was the 41st annual Fungus Fair in Santa Cruz, California. This was the second time I’ve gone to it. Its great for learning how to identify mushrooms, from the edible to inedible, medicinal to … Continue reading

Li Ching-Yuen – 256 Year Old Man!

Li Ching-Yuen was quite the extraordinary man. As a Chinese herbalist, he lived 256 years or 197 by his own account. Either way this is far more than is recognized as the maximum human life span. (The longest confirmed lifespan comes … Continue reading