Polysaccharides and Beta-Glucans in Mushrooms

Before I got into medicinal mushrooms I had never heard of polysaccharides or beta-glucans, but these compounds are not unique to fungi, and instead are widely pervasive. There are very different functions among polysaccharides and even beta-glucans. The aim of … Continue reading

Breath of Life

By Mikayla Gibson The one constant we can collectively count on is the breath. Every moment we are inhaling the purest form of life. Now, we can go for moments, seconds, minutes, even lengthy minutes without oxygen; however, we must … Continue reading

What is Healthy Immunity? We all long to be healthy. No one enjoys being sick or injured, enjoyment is never an issue here. So it is of utmost importance to have an immune system working at the highest levels. So … Continue reading

Athlete Herbal Profile – Aaron “Tex” Johnson

Training schedule Tex is currently working hard for his black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. But he, like most of us, still has a day job and so can’t train as much as he would like too. But working as a … Continue reading

Ep9: We Love Medicinal Mushrooms Part 2

Would you want this powerful cancer blend? The adaptogen Cordyceps and how it increases endurance and more Lion’s Mane, the #1 Nootropic mushroom that even boosts curiosity! How colors can reflect what a mushroom or herb does The common Tree … Continue reading

Ep8: We Love Medicinal Mushrooms Part 1

Are all mushrooms medicinal? How to get started harvesting wild mushrooms (and the dangers to look out for) What mycelium is and how it’s different from fruiting bodies The difference between tree and ground mushrooms Reishi’s negative side effect?!? Why … Continue reading

Benefits of Mushrooms

By Logan Christopher This past weekend was the 41st annual Fungus Fair in Santa Cruz, California. This was the second time I’ve gone to it. Its great for learning how to identify mushrooms, from the edible to inedible, medicinal to … Continue reading

Bulletproof Coffee with Herbs

Our herbs aren’t the only thing we take. In fact, we’re constantly experimenting with all kinds of things that promise to deliver better health and performance. I was never a coffee drinker before. But after hearing about Bulletproof coffee for … Continue reading

Medicinal Mushroom Hunting and Cancer

Medicinal mushrooms are some of the strongest “medicine” out there. Yet unlike drugs many of them have a dual direction activity that can boost or decrease your immune system as needed. In addition, there are many other benefits besides helping immunity. … Continue reading