Adrenal Support

When you’re talking about the adrenals there’s a few major hormones at play. Cortisol Adrenaline (aka epinephrine) Noradrenaline (aka norepinephrine) As with anything, to best get results you’ll need to take a multi-prong approach. Support the Kidneys The first herb … Continue reading

Ep12: Hormonal Q&A

This is our first question and answer specific podcast. We just put up this page last week where you can ask questions for future podcast episodes. And we got tons of them in. In this podcast all the questions have … Continue reading

Li Ching-Yuen – 256 Year Old Man!

Li Ching-Yuen was quite the extraordinary man. As a Chinese herbalist, he lived 256 years or 197 by his own account. Either way this is far more than is recognized as the maximum human life span. (The longest confirmed lifespan comes … Continue reading

Building Blood

On a business trip to LA recently, I was listening to Radiolab (a really rather engaging podcast) and heard an episode simply titled, Blood. One of the segments delved into research being done by Dr. Saul Villeda. In experiments he … Continue reading

The Importance of Zinc for Testosterone and Reproduction in Males

As has been established in an earlier post, zinc is a vital mineral, used by every cell in the body. Its deficiency is becoming more and more common in men these days. That is unfortunate, as it plays such a … Continue reading