Is Mother Nature more Feminine?

We use the term “Mother Nature” to describe nature often times. In many cultures and myths this is often juxtaposed to “Father Sky”. Like in Greek mythology you have Gaia and Ouranos respectively, who parented the Titans. So as I … Continue reading

Rhodiola Benefits for Depression and Memory

Rhodiola Benefits A medicine hunter Chris Kilham talks about his favorite herb, Rhodiola, and its effect on memory, energy levels and depression. He also compares it with Ginseng and explains why Rhodiola might be a better choice. Reduces anxiety levels … Continue reading

Li Ching-Yuen – 256 Year Old Man!

Li Ching-Yuen was quite the extraordinary man. As a Chinese herbalist, he lived 256 years or 197 by his own account. Either way this is far more than is recognized as the maximum human life span. (The longest confirmed lifespan comes … Continue reading