Reishi on HIV, AIDS and Cancer

Dr. Andrew Weil states, “Reishi has been the subject of a surprising amount of scientific research in Asia and the West.” This video shares some of the research and usage of reishi with HIV, AIDS, cancer and more, with its … Continue reading

Human Idiocy

It’s interesting just how far off we can get from any semblance of natural health. Like the whole “Evil Fat” thing that has been one of the biggest ideas of “healthy eating” for decades. It is starting to lose its … Continue reading

Ep35: Medical Qi Gong and High Performance Athletics with Dr. Chris Holder

Chris Holder is a Doctor of Medical Qigong studying with the legendary Kung Fu and Qigong Grand Master Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson, where he has blended disciplines of both East and West. Holder has created a holistic training environment for … Continue reading

Benefits of Mushrooms

By Logan Christopher This past weekend was the 41st annual Fungus Fair in Santa Cruz, California. This was the second time I’ve gone to it. Its great for learning how to identify mushrooms, from the edible to inedible, medicinal to … Continue reading

How to Prepare Tea from Raw Chaga

If you’ve ever wondered how to prepare Chaga tea from raw Chaga mushrooms, Lonnie from “Far North Bushcraft And Survival” made a video just about that particular subject. Lonnie also mentioned a couple of important benefits of Chaga mushrooms, including … Continue reading

Anti-Aging the 7 Types of Cell Damage

At the Longevity Now Conference, Dr. Aubrey de Grey presented on where anti-aging is going in the future. I located this video from TED that gives a much shorter version of basically the same talk. It’s well worth watching. Here … Continue reading

Medicinal Mushroom Hunting and Cancer

Medicinal mushrooms are some of the strongest “medicine” out there. Yet unlike drugs many of them have a dual direction activity that can boost or decrease your immune system as needed. In addition, there are many other benefits besides helping immunity. … Continue reading