Shilajit for Stretch Marks

Can Shilajit help you to get rid of stretch marks? This sticky substance can be brown or black in color with a consistency of tar. It is mainly harvested in two regions, Caucasus and Central Asia. Centuries of tectonic movements, pressure and heat caused vegetal, animal and mineral substances to mix together in order to create Shilajit.

Moomiyo, which is another name for Shilajit, contains many essential oils, humic acid, humin, polyphenols, fulvic acids and tons of other beneficial nutritens. Even Aristotle wrote about Shilajit and its power for treating various conditions, used by people in Central Asia. On the other side, Russians have been testing Shilajit for more than 70 years, discovering great potential for sports performance and health benefits.

How to use Shilajit to treat stretch marks?

Since Shilajit is proved to increase tissue regeneration, people started using it to get rid of stretch marks. This technique became very popular and women around the world are saying that results are visible after just two applications.


The easiest way to use Moomiyo for treating stretch marks is to obtain Shilajit in powder form. Simply mix this powder with topical oil or just water and apply it into stretchmarks. The rejuvenation property of Shilajit combined with massage has a positive effect on dermis and epidermis, making the stretch marks go away.

There are many ways you can use Shilajit powder to get rid of stretch marks.

1. Mix one teaspoon of water (distilled) and two grams of Shilajit powder. After that, take around 3oz of any cellulite cream and add it to the mix. Keep it in refrigerator and use it once per day to massage problematic area.

2. Make use of rose oil (use your best judgement on the quantity) and mix it with one gram of Shilajit. Apply this remedy directly into stretch marks before going to sleep.

3. Take around 40ml of topic cream and mix it with four grams of Shilajit. Use circular motion to strongly apply it into stretch marks once a day, before bed.

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