1% to Pachamama Alliance

As you previously may have seen we teamed up with 1% for the Planet.

You might have noticed the image on our website and on some of our newer labels too.


After this we set about finding the right charity to team up with.

Then, as it happened, a few months back a business group I’m a part of was working with a charity organization called the Pachamama Alliance who happened to be a member.

Their story intrigued me.

What was particularly interesting to me was their connection to one of the last bastions of true ecological living.

Deep in the Amazon jungle are the Achuar people, who still live largely like they did hundreds of years ago and probably much longer.

Healthy, happy people living sustainably within their environment.

Seeing what occurred to their neighbors with oil companies coming in, clearcutting land and drilling, they did what they feared most. They actually initiated contact with us “Westerners.” They did so so that they could exert some power of choice in the matter.

Thus they came in contact with some of the people that begun this organization.

And what the Achuar elders said was intriguing. In fact, it sent chills down my spine when first I heard it.

“If you’re coming here to help us, you’re wasting your time. But if you realize your salvation is tied into our own, then let us work together.”

Obviously if you’ve been following along you know that I’m a proponent of natural methods being the way to better health.

For years I’ve taught this on a personal level. Herbalism being a big part of that, though, of course, not the only part.

Recently, I’ve realized just how much the health of people is intimately tied into the health of the Earth. We’re all intertwined systems of ecology after all.

(Until Musk realizes his dream, if he does, this is the only home we’ve got.)

For these reasons we’re happy to announce that we’ll be donating 1% of our gross product sales to Pachamama Alliance.

Pachamama Alliance Logo

If you’d like to learn more about them here is their website.

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