Hydrilla Verticillata

Hydrilla is an awesome herb that we haven’t talked about much and many people have never even heard of yet in the herbal community.  But we love Hydrilla especially if you are working out.  First let’s take a look at some of the nutrition that Hydrilla has to offer.  Most of us have heard of or even tried taking Chlorella and Spirulina and here is a small comparison.

Nutritional Information Hydrilla Chorella Spirulina
Vitamin C 6.53mg .12mg .07mg
Vitamin E 2.77iu .46iu .68iu
Thiamin 7.2mg .06mg .21mg
Niacin 13mg 2.8mg .28mg
Vitamin B6 4.5mg .05mg .87mg
Vitamin B12 475mcg 2.38mcg 7.6mcg
Calcium 624mg 15.7mg 12.38mg
Cobalt 174mcg
Silica 32.7mg

Now Chorella and Spirulina are great foods that do exceptional things, and Hydrilla does not win in every category.  It does, however, tend to have higher amounts of almost everything, if the other two even have it.  What is important here are the levels of Vitamin B6, B12, and Calcium.  Hydrilla is the world’s most concentrated plant source of Vitamin B12 and Calcium.


There is some controversy about the USDA’s daily values(DV) and how accurate they are for a healthy human being.  At 475mcg of B12, Hydrilla has 7,750% of your daily value. Now this may seem like a lot but with B12 they have not been able to find a toxicity level for over-dosing. And with such high levels of deficiency in the modern world (stress and alcohol are just two things that deplete B12 levels), getting as much of the usable form of B12 into the body is essential for optimal performance, both mentally and physically. The B6 in this herb is 225% of DV and Calcium is 62.4% of DV.  This is bio-available calcium, not like the stuff from pasteurized milk products. That means your bones can actually use it. The physiological functions of calcium are so vital to survival that the body will demineralize bone to maintain normal blood calcium levels when calcium intake is inadequate. Hydrilla also has 25% of your DV of Iron too.  Put all this together and it makes for what I like to call a ‘Meat Plant’ for all you vegans or vegetarians out there.

There is a lot of speculation out there as to whether B12 in plants is bio-available; some say the plant form of B12 is an analog that the body cannot use.  Through our own testing and the feedback from our customers, I believe this to be totally untrue!  The boundless energy received once one has taken Hydrilla is only the start.  Here is what one customer told us

“Well, I’m on day 5, and I feel great. I think I’m actually beginning to lose weight which hasn’t happened in over a year. My morning routine is becoming much easier, and I’m not even “foggy” when I get to work. My coffee consumption has decreased by about 4 or 5 cups, which means I’m not relying so much on caffeine anymore. I love that the Hydrilla has so much natural vitamin B12 “…“ I have a lot more energy, I’m getting better workouts, and I can see my body forming more muscles and losing fat! Thank you, Superman Herbs!”

Later she would go on to tell me that since taking the Hydrilla she no longer needed to wear sweatshirts when cold outside because her body could now handle it.

If Hydrilla’s B12 is analog then there must be some mystery substance in it yet undiscovered, to get:  “I’m pretty sure Hydrilla is the best pre-workout herb I’ve ever had!”

Hydrilla is a must for all athletes!  This herb can take your training to new levels with enhanced recovery, more stamina, and my favorite; just a feeling that you can do anything.  Hydrilla will also support your immune system, healthy skin and hair, and is an effective potentiator.  Meaning anything taken with Hydrilla your body will derive more nutrition from.

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    • Sorry we no longer have Hydrilla available at this time. We lost our supplier and have not found a new quality one yet.

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