Frank Mir Wins!

If you caught UFC Fight Night on FOX last night you might have seen something special.

Frank Mir, the underdog, coming out with a huge knockout over Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva.

And he had a very cool logo on his shorts and walkout shirt. You can see it in this highlight video.

We’re very happy with the result. Congratulations Frank for a HUGE win! This generated a lot of buzz too…

Frank Mir Super Man Herbs Buzz

The buzz on Twitter

If you want even more I located a bootleg copy of the full fight here. But truthfully, if you skip all the other stuff, the fight is not much longer than the video above!

Though we’ve sponsored a few different BJJ athletes, as well as others, this was our first UFC fight.

And it won’t be our last either. This coming Saturday we’re also sponsoring Alan Jouban in a PPV fight. Wish him luck!

Alan Jouban Super Man Herbs

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Frank Mir Wins! — 5 Comments

  1. Freaking awesome! Not just helping amateur athletes get better at what they love but helping professionals to improve at a top tier!

  2. Wow, Pretty cool.Would be curious to know if Frank actually used some product or just wore your name on his clothing.Hope that didn’t cost you a fortune and if it did hope you’re busy as hell because of it cause you guys Are the good guys..Way to go…B

  3. I’m happy for the winner, did he used any of your products.I am looking for these to products ( Propiony 1-L-Carnitine and Arginine Alphia-Ketoglutarate.),If you can help let ne know.

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