Ep52: Herbs for the Zombie Apocalypse with Dani Brooks

DanielleBrooksDanielle Brooks is a Nutritional Therapist, Clinical Herbalist, Professional Speaker, and founder of Redmond Nutritional Therapy, Lake Washington Massage Therapy, and Good Decisions Inc. She is also the author of bestseller Good Decisions…Most of the Time,

Danielle’s approach to diet combines nutritional science and the psychology of food and reminds us that looking at our relationship with food is as important as the food itself. She is always looking for new and effective strategies to help her clients self govern effectively around food and emphasizes that food should be enjoyed not something we feel guilty about.

In this interview you’ll learn:

  • What is the Zombie Apocalypse Metaphor? What you can learn from The Walking Dead about a powerful anti-viral herb.
  • Chew these seeds to relieve gas Take this to stop food poisoning (also great to stop hangovers).
  • Two powders that can sooth your digestion, relieve inflammation and more This can get rid of hemorrhoid symptoms within two weeks.
  • The best restorative herb for the liver How to deal with pain, cuts and burns.
  • The top two herbs for women’s hormones A 4-step process for herba
    lists to follow.
  • What overdosing on poppy seeds and nutmeg can do to you! The importance of getting results fast.
  • When to use Turmeric and when to use Curcumin The best questions to ask yourself to stop emotional eating.
  • And much more

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Find more from Dani at Good Decisions Most of the Time and Lake Washington Massage Therapy

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