Reishi on HIV, AIDS and Cancer

Dr. Andrew Weil states, “Reishi has been the subject of a surprising amount of scientific research in Asia and the West.” This video shares some of the research and usage of reishi with HIV, AIDS, cancer and more, with its … Continue reading

Benefits of Mushrooms

By Logan Christopher This past weekend was the 41st annual Fungus Fair in Santa Cruz, California. This was the second time I’ve gone to it. Its great for learning how to identify mushrooms, from the edible to inedible, medicinal to … Continue reading

Tongkat Ali – Part 2: Testosterone

By Zane Christopher Part 1 of this series on the benefits of Tongkat Ali, including testosterone and more, can be found here. Most of the studies performed on Tongkat Ali have revolved around its ability to raise testosterone levels, expand … Continue reading

Experiments in CoQ-10 and Shilajit

I read a little article in LifeExtension magazine about a year ago. It was on the fat-soluble, vitamin-like substance Coenzyme-10, something I had always been interested in because of its importance in the creation of ATP (adenosine triphosphate, 95% of … Continue reading

What are Adaptogens and What Are Their Effects?

The term “adaptogen” was coined by Nikolai Vasiyevich Lazarev back in 1947, who worked in toxicology and pharmacology. While most things identified in nature or as drugs help increase or decrease certain functions within the body, adaptogens are non-specific remedies … Continue reading

Anti-Aging the 7 Types of Cell Damage

At the Longevity Now Conference, Dr. Aubrey de Grey presented on where anti-aging is going in the future. I located this video from TED that gives a much shorter version of basically the same talk. It’s well worth watching. Here … Continue reading

The Importance of Zinc for Testosterone and Reproduction in Males

As has been established in an earlier post, zinc is a vital mineral, used by every cell in the body. Its deficiency is becoming more and more common in men these days. That is unfortunate, as it plays such a … Continue reading

My One a Day Multivitamin is Dangerous?

We got a question about whether you need to take a multivitamin if you’re taking pine pollen. First off, let’s look at the difference between whole food and synthetic vitamins. Whole food ingredients can be easily absorbed by your body. … Continue reading

Green Tea Pollen Helps Eliminate Liver Fat

In 2002, the International Journal of Obesity published a paper: Beneficial effects of tea catechins on diet-induced obesity: stimulation of lipid catabolism in the liver. “We investigated the effects of long-term feeding with tea catechins, which are naturally occurring polyphenolic … Continue reading