All Components that Make up Schisandra and Way Cofactors are Important

We received a report on schisandra that describes most if not all of the components in this plant. This is an excellent opportunity then to discuss the importance of cofactors in our food. The huge list of components (found at … Continue reading

Ep54: Benefits of Schisandra with Brandon Amalani

Brandon Amalani is partnered with Pioneer Valley Naturals as the exclusive distributor of the only American-Grown Organic Schizandra currently available. This is where our Schisandra comes from and in this podcast we dive into many of the benefits and uses … Continue reading

Learn your Local Landscape

I am currently reading the book, Food, Genes, and Culture: Eating Right for Your Origin, by Gary Paul Nabhan. I thought doing some book reviews might be a good way to get new ideas (or even old unknown or unremembered … Continue reading

Ep52: Herbs for the Zombie Apocalypse with Dani Brooks

Danielle Brooks is a Nutritional Therapist, Clinical Herbalist, Professional Speaker, and founder of Redmond Nutritional Therapy, Lake Washington Massage Therapy, and Good Decisions Inc. She is also the author of bestseller Good Decisions…Most of the Time, Danielle’s approach to diet combines … Continue reading

Ep50: Effortless Meditation and Breathing with Joe Weaver

Joe Weaver grew up in the 50’s on a small farm in the middle of the US where he learned the value of physical labor and persistence. In the 60’s he became a hippie, learned to meditate, do yoga and … Continue reading

Ep49: CBD and Cannabis with James Sol Radina and Dr. Robert Melamede

James Sol Radina is the Co-Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of Evolved Ayurvedic Discoveries, Inc. As Chief Visionary Officer, James is the driving force behind the company’s socially responsible model of donating CBD products to those who cannot afford them, … Continue reading

Ep48: Practical Nutrition with Zack Zeller

Through his undergraduate career, working part-time jobs, managing several wellness-focused community organizations all while juggling family and friends Zack Zeller has forged himself into America’s #1 practical nutrition coach. When it comes to getting results with clients, regardless of their … Continue reading

Ep41: Incorporating Tonic Herbs into Your Life with Michael Vasquez

Michael Vasquez has been a practitioner of the Internal Healing Arts since the age of 16. He began his formal training with the Martial practices, where his training & teaching included classes in Korean and Chinese Martial Arts. The natural … Continue reading

Human Idiocy

It’s interesting just how far off we can get from any semblance of natural health. Like the whole “Evil Fat” thing that has been one of the biggest ideas of “healthy eating” for decades. It is starting to lose its … Continue reading

Ep40: Habit Change

Tyler Bramlett, the Garage Warrior, was a fat kid turned personal trainer, boot camp owner and now an online fitness expert. In this call, we talk about the importance of habits and how to structure them for greater health, vitality … Continue reading