The Brutal Reality…You’re Getting Old

The LIE we’ve all been fed. Years ago and early in my health care career, I joined the then newly formed American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M). I did this mostly for selfish reasons – getting old sucks man. As … Continue reading

How to Make Pine Pollen Lotion

There are a lot of different ways to take herbs as well as a lot of different ways to utilize them aside from ingesting them. One of our behind-the-scenes employees (who actually does near all of our designs and logos) … Continue reading

Ep50: Effortless Meditation and Breathing with Joe Weaver

Joe Weaver grew up in the 50’s on a small farm in the middle of the US where he learned the value of physical labor and persistence. In the 60’s he became a hippie, learned to meditate, do yoga and … Continue reading

How To Make Reishi Mushroom Tea

Reishi is probably the most popular medicinal mushroom in the world. One of its most popular ways of administration is by to make reishi mushroom tea. Reishi’s uses are vast and wide and it is quickly becoming more widely accepted for … Continue reading

Ep38: The 4 Bridges to Immortality with Dr. Greg Carder

Dr. Greg Carder is a board-certified Doctor of Oriental Medicine. He has owned and operated Multi-Disciplinary Clinics consisting of MD, DC & Physical Therapy with Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine added to focus on Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Pain Management, Family … Continue reading

The Heart

By Zane Christopher The Heart is many things, but it is certainly not just a pump. We moderns have seemingly lost our faith in the heart. Before the Common Era, the heart was the seat of the emotions and the … Continue reading

Ep28: Micronutrients with the Caltons

Jayson and Mira Calton may just be the leading people in the world on micronutrients. As I start off the call, while so much of the nutrition focus is on MACROnutrients, when it comes to health the MICROnutrients are so … Continue reading

Women’s Hormone Health

This is a BIG topic. I’ll do my best to cover it as well as can be done in a single article, and this is a long article. Since 500 page plus books are written on the subject this can … Continue reading

What I Gathered at the 2015 Internation Herb Symposium – Part 2

By Zane Christopher If you missed Part 1, click here to read it.  Adaptogens: Herbs for Strength, Stamina and Stress Relief It was my great pleasure to attend this lecture by one of the authors of the book with the … Continue reading

Ep26: Peter Ragnar on Longevity

I’m pleased to announce Peter Ragnar on The Vital Way Podcast. In my mind, he’s one of the greatest examples of the possibilities of youthful longevity. In this interview you’ll discover: The Chinese “Immortals” and What They Did Peter’s Daily … Continue reading