Super Man Herbs is a family owned company, in fact it is run by three brothers.


Zane, Cloud and Logan

It started through each of our own desire to become healthier and more fit. Along with exercise we sought the best food and supplements to achieve radiant health.

As kids we were always enraptured by the super hero’s. From Superman to Batman, the X-men and many more. There’s not a person that thinks why couldn’t I have powers like those.

Such is not the case in the “real” world. But yet there is truth to those stories. On some level you can have super powers.

You can become super humanly strong…

You can have an immune system that can fight off the worst diseases (of which the general population just seems to be getting more and more of)…

You can have a non-stop energy to work and make money from when you wake up until you fall asleep…

Or the endurance to run marathons and climb mountains with ease…

Plus the mind power to tackle the toughest of problems and wow others with your creativity…

Sure all this takes training and the proper know-how. But to do these physical and mental feats requires a sound mind and a sound body. And the truth is you can’t have those things without the proper base of nutrition.

When so many people began asking what foods we ate and specific supplements we took, we decided the best way to inform them all was through a website, supplying the exact super foods and herbs we regularly consume.

Right now while we offer individual products, soon we’ll have some of the best quality formulas, based on Chinese Tonic Herbalism, Super Food Technologies and Cutting Edge Research for achieving your goal of becoming a super man or woman.

We hope you enjoy the same boundless energy, radiant health, and disease-free living that we do and we hope to support you in your goals to do just that with Super Man Herbs.

About Logan Christopher

Logan Christopher has been called a physical culture renaissance man for his work in many different areas of fitness and strength training. While many people become experts in one specific area he seeks to master them all.

Logan Christopher Backflip

Back flips at the beach.

As a performing strongman he has pulled an antique fire truck by his hair, juggled kettlebells that have been lit on fire, done weighted back flips, supported half a ton in a wrestler’s bridge position, and many of the more typical oldtime strongmen feats like phonebook tearing and nail bending.

Being born without genetic gifts for strength he sought out the best training information to develop his strength. In addition to learning from top trainers he went outside the field of strength training. This led him into mental training and sports psychology which he has explored in depth, becoming a Neuro Linguistic Programming Trainer and hypnotist. As well as a certified Eden Energy Medicine and soon to be Energy Psychology Practitioner.

That’s also how he got started in the field of health and nutrition which inevitably led into herbalism. Some of his many teachers include Ron Teeguarden, the foremost expert in Chinese Tonic Herbalism in the West and Sajah Popham at the School of Evolutionary Herbalism.

His personal philosophy is to bring together the best movement skill, health information, and mental training to achieve peak performance.

He is the author of many books and video programs to help people increase their strength, skills, health and mental performance. You can find more information at his other website www.LegendaryStrength.com.

Logan handles most of the marketing, affiliate management, web work, and writing for Super Man Herbs.

About Zane Christopher

Few people think the transition to civilization was a bad idea but that’s exactly what Zane believes. He is a staunch proponent for learning to live as a part of the world, not to dominate, subjugate and control it. His studies continue to show that those that do this lived a sustainability and lifeway we in the modern world can hardly fathom.

One arm of this is the realization that all native peoples practiced living a truly omnivorous lifestyle. This included many thousands of different species of animals, insects, plants, and fungi. Zane has found in medicinal herbs a way to tap into that aspect of our original humanity and start to reverse a deficiency created by the extreme narrowing of our traditional diet.

Mushroom hunting in Marin County, CA.

Mushroom hunting in Marin County, CA.

His studies in natural philosophy has lead him to start learning and practicing native life skills such as fire crafting, cordage, bow-building, archery and other skills to be able to live comfortable with little on a landscape. Currently, he is attending Roots School in Vermont to acquire and practice more of these skills.

He is a runner by nature and has practiced much barefoot running. To date this includes running a couple marathons completely barefoot. Having lived the normal American style of working the body ragged through training, he has been working for the past year or more to rebuild his body, joints, and the skeletal system mostly through gymnastic bodywork. He is now completely pain-free in areas that have always ached or throbbed with dull pain after intense workouts or runs.

He is also an avid amateur high-altitude mountaineer. The oxygen is always cleaner in the mountains, the people fairer, and nature most pristine. Zane believes that if one really wants to recharge their energies, they need only spend time in nature and the mountains are some of the most inspiring places in nature to be found. Zane’s favorite John Muir quote by far, “The Mountains are calling and I must go.”

At Super Man Herbs, Zane researches and writes articles, is the wholesale/bulk orders account manager, does marketing work, promotes at events and seminars, takes care of the lab testing, and handles as much offsite work as he can over in the North East.

About Cloud Christopher

Cloud’s first real experiences with the herbs was when he was working as a trucker driving from state to state. While so many of the other truckers fueled these long drives with Monsters and coffee, he found shilajit would not only provide him with stable energy, but he’d come back leaner than before he left.

He’s filled many roles. A former bodybuilder, than a Crossfit coach, finally a MovNat instructor, not to mention serving 4 years in the U.S. Army, stationed in Alaska.

He’s a father of the original pine pollen baby, Violet, along with his wife Ari (who does some of our graphic design work), with a second baby on the way any day now…

Cloud, Ari and Violet

Cloud oversees Production and Customer Service. He also handles suppliers, sponsorship’s, and coordinates promotional events.